Unhyphenated noncitizenship provides an analytical tool for understanding the mechanisms connecting apparently different sorts of individual-State relationships. This chapter looks in particular at how an activated noncitizenship far from a State could feed into an individual’s relationship to that State at its border, and how it may be continuous with her/is noncitizen relationship with that same State in situ. For example, when the United States engaged in nuclear testing in Bikini Atoll, previously inhabited islands became uninhabitable. This changed the relationship between those individuals and the United States. In the case of the Bikinians, a connection was recognised between noncitizenship activated far away and obligations relating to migration and Bikinian migrants on the territory of the United States. Other examples are less clear-cut, and this chapter sets out several cases in order to trace how the individual-State relationships evolve over time and according to context, and to examine the obligations that result.