In this book we have examined some of the complex relationships entailed in taking global gender education policy, concerned with equalities and addressing poverty, from the site of agreeing texts, like the MDGs or EFA, to implementation in schools. We have built on literatures which have examined policy transfer (Steiner-Khamsi, 2004; Steiner-Khamsi and Waldow, 2012), policy networks (Vavrus and Bartlett, 2009), the plurality of global education policy making (Mundy et al., 2016), the policy space as a site of negotiation (Grindle and Thomas, 1991), and education policy enactment in local sites (Ball, Maguire and Braun, 2012). We have looked in detail at a small number of global policies – the MDGs, EFA and the Beijing Platform of Action – at a particular historical moment, from 2008–2011.