The concluding chapter of the book summarises and synthesises the key findings of Chapters 2–6 and interrogates them in relation to the fundamental questions posed by the book. Why do Chinese Australian women’s lives matter to the study of Chinese Australian experience and history? How does an understanding of Chinese Australian women’s experiences in White Australia reconfigure our understanding of Australian national identity, nation-building and the contemporary politics of Australian multicultural identity? What new insights does intersectionality add to the study of Australian race relations and Chinese diaspora research? How do the methodological, conceptual and analytical insights provided by this case study contribute to broader feminist discussions regarding who speaks for whom and how androcentric and colonialist research approaches can be challenged for more inclusive research? This chapter also highlights the contributions of the presented research to historical geography, postcolonial feminist research and Chinese Australian and diaspora studies. As this project sought to partially fill substantial gaps in the literature, the book concludes by suggesting various directions for future research.