Miller College was founded in 1969 by the Miller family, but is currently owned and operated by a private investment firm. Miller College was in the midst of re-organization as a consequence of new ownership, and the governance structure was evolving as well. What sets Miller College apart from Distance Learning University (DLU) and Pacific-Atlantic University (PAU) is that, unlike full-time faculty from those institutions, teaching is the chief responsibility of full-time faculty members at Miller College. Participants indicated that Miller campuses typically have two co-directors who are administrators rather than faculty. Miller designates certain faculty as program heads, but their responsibilities tend to differ from campus to campus. Student evaluations play an important role in assessing a faculty member's performance. Unlike DLU and PAU, Miller College does not standardize courses; each campus designs their own courses and programs. Consistent faculty training is another important element that influences whether students are receiving a similar education across campuses.