This chapter draws lessons from the pandemic for our planetary emergency in response to the climate and biodiversity crisis. Ultimately, we cannot afford to fail in our efforts to respond to the existential threats posed by our planetary emergency. Unfortunately, we are repeating similar patterns to the pandemic, including delayed responses at critical stages and a faulty risk perception with a lack of the global strategic leadership to match the scale of the challenge. Digital solutions already have the potential to coordinate global strategic action and transform emergency action to secure the Earth’s health at scale and speed. This chapter makes the case for considering risks from cascading tipping points as a critical moment to transform our collective efforts into a response to a global emergency. As with the pandemic, a greater emphasis is required on applying precautionary principles to risks and investing in a range of preventive measures to stabilise the Earth’s systems. Parallels are made with an emergency response for human health and Earth’s essential determinants of life, including the air, water, land, and food systems. Existing knowledge can be applied from environmental health and related disciplines to create a health system for our Planet Earth.