In the previous chapters we explored the relevance of sustainability with reference to the various business projects, with particular emphasis on the people dimension (i.e. social sustainability) of the three Ps (the triple bottom line of planet, people, profit). We have said little about the planet aspect (i.e. ecological sustainability). However, in line with McElroy (2003), we suggest the profit aspect be recategorised to come under the heading of social sustainability. Profit is normally expressed in terms of money and is itself the result of a particular kind of valuation of individual or organisational activities. Where effort, materials and labour are input and products and services are output, a profit is made when the ratio of output to input is >1 and a loss is made when the ratio of output and input is <1. The fundamental perspective we take is that the profit or loss discussion is the result of individual human and organisational activities. Therefore, profit in the triple bottom line is related to social sustainability; in other words, it is a kind of social sustainability.