Switzerland plans to replace its nuclear power with renewable electricity as part of the Energy Strategy 2050. This could be done through domestic rooftop photovoltaics (PV) and wind turbines, or through imported offshore wind and/or concentrated solar power (CSP). Overall, the Swiss prefer domestic production of renewable electricity, but a majority share of imported renewable electricity will likely be cheaper overall and cause fewer issues with intermittency. However, the renewable imports pathway would face more problems with acceptance of new infrastructure, especially long-distance transmission lines. The most favourable combination seems to be Swiss rooftop PV, offshore wind from the North Sea, and Swiss hydropower. Such a mix would also be acceptable to the Swiss public. This is especially important, given the Swiss political system in which policies and projects can be challenged in local, cantonal, and national referenda. The most pressing risk seems to be delay or outright failure to obtain permits and, more generally, how to plan and build energy infrastructure without provoking opposition and legal challenges from nearby residents.