It is truly a pleasure to be here. As I look at the program, there is little question in my mind that you are addressing key issues. I think this is one of the most powerfully packed programs I have seen. I know some of you have made comments about the rapid pace of the sessions. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. This conference reflects the life that we have on our campuses. We’re all trying to cope with change, and with learning at the exponential speed of change. I think technology is one very important tool that helps move us in that direction. I’d like to share with you my thoughts on this rapidly developing area called distance education. I will illustrate my talk with a power point presentation which not only demonstrates the technology, but represents the combined efforts of a skillful team. I have had the responsibility for distance education programs at Penn State for the last five years. I’m seeing, just as I’m sure you are, the dramatic growth in this area. I will spend the next few moments talking about the growth of distance education, its costs and benefits, and your role in helping to manage and enhance this fast growing development.