This chapter contributes to the current discourse relating to Pentecostalism and development, using Perez Chapel International, a Neo-Pentecostal Church in Ghana as a case study. The dynamics involved in sustainable and holistic development are explored. Pentecostal-Charismatic spirituality was, in past years, more interested in the hereafter, neglecting to a larger extent the here-and-now. Higher education was not an option for Ghanaian Pentecostals in time past. In recent years much emphasis has been given to human resource development and youth empowerment. Scholars have noted that some Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches are passionately involved in development projects, such as education, building of schools and hospitals, capacity building and what we term as holistic human resource development. This study looks at the role of Perez Chapel International in sustainable and holistic development. By holistic development we mean development that takes into consideration the needs of the entire human personality, spirit, soul and body. Areas of interest include Perez Education Projects and the Youth Explosion, a capacity-building programme for young people.