This article scrutinizes and develops categories on available literatures concerning “the competitiveness and preparedness of Indonesian subnational actors in the context of AEC 2015.” It then classifies the literatures into four typologies, namely subjective nature (perception), objective measures, multidimensional, and specific ones. We present these typologies into quadrants. From this, we understand that most of the literatures are written in Indonesian because of the orientation of the research (i.e. policy recommendation). We also find that most of the literatures look at a particular actor/region and prefer to look at the objective indicators rather than the subjective ones. Based on these findings, we argue that there is a ‘double-gap’ in the subnational competitiveness and preparedness in Indonesia. The first is a regional gap of competitiveness and preparedness level, especially between Java and non-Java areas. However, a more comprehensive study is needed. Secondly, there is also a gap in the studies themselves. Most of the studies were looking at more developed areas in Indonesia and only few studies look at the less-developed areas. The fact that most studies highlight more on developed areas implies the disparity of research networks between Java and non-Java universities.