This paper discusses the discrepancy between a coal mining company and society in Indonesia. One of the efforts to decrease that discrepancy is through CSR activities, which aim to empower and develop society. PT BARA, as a state-owned enterprise, has both internal and external policies for the implementation of CSR. As a government company, PT BARA links CSR with various policies (laws, regulation ministers, ministerial decrees, etc.). PT BARA aims to contribute to the escalation of society’s quality of life through their CSR programmes. To achieve that, PT BARA has a policy of implementing CSR through the Partnership and Environmental Development Programme, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations of the Minister of State Enterprises. As a state-owned enterprise, PT BARA then becomes a mainstay of the local government in the implementation of regional development. Therefore, PT BARA’s policies on CSR are followed by various dynamics on achieving their goals in order to increase the quality of life of the community.