Multimedia technology is fast becoming a popular and effective means of teaching, learning, and collaboration, and the latter is an important component of solving today’s real and complex problems. It is increasingly becoming necessary to initiate collaborations between individuals and organizations because no single individual possesses the skills, knowledge, and resources to solve daily emerging problems that confront the man. Consequently, collaboration allows for the coming together of two or more experts from similar or different domains, with a common goal of achieving what the individuals could not achieve on their own. Further, the proliferation of technology and multimedia has bred online virtual communities, thus removing barriers between people and places. This chapter describes collaboration and the different types and forms they can take, including the elements and barriers to successful collaboration. The chapter then presents the concepts of technology and multimedia as important tools for communication and collaboration in the 21st century, presenting available options open to statisticians and other researchers. The chapter ends by presenting some collaborative technologies and the pros and cons of utilizing them for maximum benefit