The level of statistical literacy at the university level is likely to differ by discipline. The application of statistics in different disciplines depends on the extent to which statistics is incorporated into the curriculum of the discipline and the nature of the research being undertaken. The consultancy services provided by statistical laboratories often expose them to different challenges faced by domain experts (clients) on how they struggle to apply statistics in their research. Evidence from UI-LISA shows that domain experts struggle with statistics in writing research proposals, formulating research topics and objectives, designing research studies, designing research instruments, administering survey instruments and collecting data, analyzing data using statistical packages, and reporting research findings. The goal of this chapter is to assess the level of statistical literacy among domain experts within and outside the University of Ibadan who have benefitted from the services of UI-LISA. This is achieved by reviewing different domain experts’ projects, identifying their statistical demands, and how UI-LISA was able to provide support. The scope covers different fields of research which include biomedical, social science, agricultural and biological sciences, pure and applied sciences, and engineering/technology.