Music is one of the inseparable cultures in Indonesia. People with different backgrounds in Indonesia enjoy many genres of music. One of the music genres that is strongly identified with middle-lower social class is dangdut, while jazz is mostly identified with the middle-higher social class. However, the appearance of dangdut jazz (dangdut songs arranged as jazz) is a unique phenomenon. It raises two questions: (1) does dangdut jazz make dangdut accepted by jazz enthusiasts and (2) does dangdut jazz blur or emphasise the border between the two? In this study, we used Stuart Hall’s reception theory and Victor Turner’s liminality theory. The data were collected through interviews by first showing the “Fahmi Shahab—Kopi Dangdut (Jazz Cover)” video to the members of the ITS Jazz community. The results showed that the presence of dangdut jazz influenced jazz enthusiasts to be more open to dangdut music. However, instead of blurring the border, it emphasised the border between the two.