The emission of waves of a quantum nature (de Broglie waves) during gene expression in living organisms is theorised and predicted by the discipline of genodics. Using this approach and without the use of any other inputs, the company of the same name (Genodics) has been undertaking experiments and treatments for the last 12 years to address agricultural problems. These problems include grapevine trunk diseases in viticulture, and in particular Esca, a destructive disease of the woody tissues of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.), as well as bacterial and viral diseases in market gardening. The results of some of these treatment projects, on vines (Esca and Mildew), endives (Erwinia) and courgettes (WMV2, ZYMV), have been compiled in order to analyse the impact of the method at a statistical level. The results indicate a significant reduction in the impact of pathogens on agricultural production and consolidate the reliability of the method as a no-input treatment for plant pathologies and its relevance in agronomic approaches aimed at converting to a more rational agriculture that can secure crops undergoing limited or no chemical treatments.