Chapter 6 introduces five spatial/land use SEAs from The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Austria, representing different administration-led SEA approaches. Transport and electricity transmission planning SEA examples were already discussed in Chapter 3. In this chapter, the five SEAs represent EIA-based as well as flexible assessment processes:

• Flexible assessment processes (nonEIA based): 1 Development Vision Noord-

Holland, The Netherlands – a policy/vision SEA approach (provincial level) (Provincie Noord-Holland, 1997);

2 SEA of the unitary development plan of Oldham, UK – a policy plan SEA approach (local level) (Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, 2001; Fischer, 2003b; see also Chapter 3);

• EIA-based process: 3 Landscape plan for the local land

use plan of the municipality of Ketzin in Brandenburg, Germany – an area-wide plan SEA approach (local level) (Amt Ketzin, 1996);

4 SEA for the local land use plan of Weiz, Austria – a programme SEA approach (local level) (Aschemann, 1999);

5 SEA for new housing and business development areas in Rotterdam-

Leiden, The Netherlands – a big project SEA approach (regional level) (VROM, 1996).