This chapter outlines the Task Force on Hunger’s approach for halving hunger

by 2015. We begin by describing the principles that should guide strategy for-

mulation and implementation at the country level. We then describe the vulner-

ability analysis of food insecurity that guided our strategy, outlining the tools

used to formulate our recommendations and providing an overview of these

recommendations, which the following chapters elaborate in greater detail. A

critical element of our approach is that national poverty reduction strategies

or PRSPs, where they exist, must focus on the policy and investment needs to

reach the Goals. Such national strategies can be powerful tools for overcoming

hunger and achieving all the Goals. But they must be deployed and imple-

mented for that purpose. National poverty reduction strategies should be based

on needs assessments and plans that include all the Millennium Development

Goals and are developed through an open, consultative process that involves

all the key stakeholders from national to local levels.