Let me be the first to welcome you to the exciting world of statistics and data analysis. Statistics is a way of organizing, describing, and making inferences from data, and statistical methods are used throughout the physical, natural, and social sciences, including the field of communication. Statistics is a way of thinking, a language, and a means of making an argument based on data available (Abelson, 1995). Most importantly, statistics is fundamental to the scientific process. It may seem a strange way of thinking at first, but with enough perseverance and practice, thinking statistically will eventually become second nature to you. Once you have developed the ability to understand and apply statistical principles and concepts to your scientific investigations, you will find that your everyday thinking has changed as well. You will find yourself more analytical, more rational, and you may even possess a new and healthy skepticism when it comes to interpreting information and evaluating claims people make. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in the exciting world of knowledge generation that is the field of communication. So again, welcome.