As an undergraduate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I began my research career with work on Brehm's theory of motivational intensity (Wright, Tunstall, Williams, Goodwin, & Harmon-Jones, 1995). With an interest in Brehm's motivational theory and his approach to science, I moved to the University of Kansas (KU) as a graduate student to continue working on the theory, and more importantly, to learn from Jack's approach to and love for behavioral science. However, I chose to work with Jack primarily because I was impressed with his lack of egoinvolvement or competitiveness. When I was about to leave KU and go visit the University of Missouri (while visiting potential graduate programs), rather than say something competitive, he simply said, "Tell my good friend Russ Geen hello." Having known Jack for the last 12 years or so, I realize that that was simply him being the humble person he is, one who does not feel ego-threatened by excellence in others.