As the world celebrated Christmas 1989, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu faced a fir­ ing squad and paid for 24 years of tyranny with their lives (Kifner, 1989). As despot­ ic as their regime appeared (Blumenthal, 1989), few were prepared for the horrors revealed following their deaths. One of the Ceausescus’ most heinous legacies was a system o f 600-800 (Battiata, 1991) institutions for abandoned children. Although Romanian government officials acknowledged only 14,000 orphans in their care in 1990 (Hilton, 1990), a more realistic figure was 100,000-130,000 (Battiata, 1991; Hunt, 1991), with estimates ranging as high as 200,000-300,000 (Jamieson, 1991; Williams, 1990).