In Stanley Kramer's 1967 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,

Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn meet their daughter's gentlemanly Black fiance, Sidney Poitier. "The audience knew that in the end the family unit would ultimately expand to include him" (Golden & Shreve, 1995, p. 151). A generation later, in Spike Lee's 1991 Jungle Fever, Cyrus (played by Lee) responds to his friend Flipper's affair with a white woman (played by Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra) with the emotive expressions: "H-bomb" and "Nuclear holocaust. It The exclamations are no exaggeration-in the movie or, seemingly, in real life. Interracial relationships-from holding hands to marriage-continue to be one of the most explosive detonations in America. As photojournalist Renee Brokaw, wife of NBA's Gary Brokaw, explained: "People who are not racist and are liberals still draw the line at couples. Integration for them means that they go to school together, but God forbid your son and daughter should date" (Kroll, 1991, p. 48). "Despite Technicolor and multiculturalism, our lives are still largely segregated-off limits to one another by habit, custom, and choice (Golden & Shreve, 1995, p. 3).