It is cheering to be able to register the fact that within the business community itself, plagued with hucksters whoring after vocabularies wearing heavy make-up, there is a self-critical note that provides at least a minority dissent. Probably there is a bottom-line profit in it, or a special consultant’s fee for managerial advisors who offer some new dish, some simple fare which begins, like all good morning cereals should, with a snap-crackle-pop! A writer in Business Life observes, “Now that we’ve been outward bound, inwardly motivated, moved sideways and vertically challenged, is there anywhere for management training to go?” 1 The answer is: almost nowhere, for we have had

team-building, bonding, energizing, empowering, de-stressing, and all the other buzz-words that boldly verb their nouns....Where does all this go? It creates an office environment of people who’ve recycled their giants, got empowered and downsized their globalization. Re-calibrated, re-engineered, and ethically cleansed, they good-step around the canteen yelling “sell, sell, sell.”