The larger plan of this study has been steadily bringing us closer to the heart of the S.R.O. world. Initially, our attention was focused on an almost wholly external view of the S.R.O. world, which drew its impressions from newspaper accounts and official documents, to a close description of S.R.O.’s and their microecology. Attention was then directed towards some of the social mechanisms which contributed to the establishment and maintenance of the S.R.O. way of life. I’ve attempted to show how, at least in the eyes of those who ostensibly are there to serve them, S.R.O.’ers are different from the area’s other residents. This chapter will take us right into day-to-day life in the S.R.O. world. The perspective employed in this chapter examines the social life of the S.R.O.’s from the vantage point of those living in them.