Item: Balliol and Fleet St., meeting in the person of Raymond Mortimer, have denounced Yankee-hating as “a deadly sin.” . . . Item: aging Angries are crying up the States freshly as a fun place (all that jazz, etc.) . . . Item: young Leavisites like Martin Green have turned pro-American and are running on (at home) about the ruddy decent-non-tenure chaps at work in our departments of Eng. Lit. . . . Item: Ian Watt, a trueborn English critic who labored for years in California, has just been brought back to the homeland to manage a revolutionary English educational institution modeled after the American “liberal arts college.” . . . By the look of these and other telltales, a new English crusade against academic and literary anti-Americanism is about to be mounted: does the effort stand a ghost of a chance?184