While anti-Semitism, together with the blood libel and its derivatives, had become a worldwide phenomenon in the medieval world and spread together with Christianity to the Americas and the far corners of the universe, the non-Christian world had remained more or less immune to it until the modern era, when it was embraced by Islamic and Asian cultures, even where there were almost no Jews. For example, in modern Japan, where Christian and other native Japanese cults staunchly support Israel and entertain a very high regard towards the Jews, one can find many writings and statements parroting the world Jewish conspiracy, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Jewish “control of the world’s finances and media” as “proof” of their international influence and “rule of the world.” But unlike the anti-Semites, who cite that “evidence” as an evil conspiracy, those Asian sects naively provide those examples as demonstrations of Jewish talent, capacity, and positive world influence that are worth studying and emulating.