This book provides a review of the findings from field research into the sports footwear, apparel and retail sectors. Conducted over a two-year period between 2000 and 2002, this research looked at the management approaches to implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate codes of conduct and was carried out in two parts. The first part encompassed an examination of the sports footwear sector and was undertaken on a pilot basis with a view to providing an opportunity to refine the approach for the remainder of the research. It also provided an opportunity to develop a framework for the presentation of the findings. The second part of the research involved an in-depth analysis of the implementation of the myriad voluntary corporate codes of conduct in the apparel and retail sectors. The goal of the research was to identify and examine ways in which companies adopt, implement and evaluate the effect of policies regarding CSR and the voluntary commitment to labour, social and ethical practices in the context of globalised business operations. The approach of our analysis was to consider the dynamics of multinational enterprises (MNEs) at all of their relevant levels, along with related developing country firms linked into MNE supply chains.