In previous chapters the three-dimensional framework of the sustainability process has been introduced and discussed for the societal and the organizational levels. As has been discussed earlier, sustainability is more than just a discourse on sustainable development or corporate social responsibility or parts of these. The three levels, three dimensions design has been developed to gain a better understanding of sustainability as an interrelated and integrated process. After all, societies consist of organizations which in turn are made up of individuals, and sustainability is about a better quality of life for all these individuals. The unfolding of the dimensions of the societal and organizational levels covered already explored territory, although not always related to the sustainability debate. To complete the construct, however, an intensive search for the equivalent of the three dimensions at the individual level was needed. The discovery voyage to arrive at these three dimensions has been largely through uncharted territory. The discussion on leadership for sustainability has merely started. As Petra Kuenkel puts it in Mind and Heart (2008: 68): “Leading for sustainability is not something we really know how to do yet.”