Private Partnerships for urban infrastructure being set up in Gujarat?

Although many people will have some understanding, they won’t know all the detail. It can feel like being Swedish and being asked your views

on wastewater treatment in Greece – unless you’re an expert in exactly

that, you really can’t speculate without having been. Just because you’re

based in one part of India it doesn’t mean you know much about the whole

country. India is a sub-continent in itself, a huge and varied landmass of

sprawling subsistence farms interspersed with pulsating metropolises

that expand daily, outwards with immigrants and upwards with new

buildings. Different religions dominate in different regions and shape the

way of living lives and doing business. Languages, dress, gender equality,

climate, landscape lifestyle, infrastructure – all vary enormously from

place to place. In contrast to most foreigners’ perception, India is most

billion Indians is being part of the ‘largest democracy in the world’, a fact

Indians are hugely proud of (714 million Indians registered to vote in the

last elections). But in all other aspects of life, the variety is huge.