Robots are used in a variety of industries. For example, the ATLAS robot (built by Boston Dynamics) has sensors that allow it to lift large packages and stock shelves, and it can move and balance itself as it carries out these tasks (Miley & Housiaux, 2016). Other places where robots are used include dairy farms in order to corral and milk cows; hospitals also use robots to perform complicated surgeries (Miley & Housiaux, 2016). Robots are also portrayed in the film industry (e.g., BB-8 and CP3O in Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Kennedy, Abrams, & Burk, 2015]). More recently, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to its first robot, Sophia, who has the ability to speak and exhibit emotions (O’Neill, 2017). Thus, using robotics to engage students in STEM is not a novel idea.