String players have a wide range of articulations that they are able to execute. Guide to Orchestral Bowing Through Musical Styles by Marvin Rabin and Priscilla Smith describes and provides video examples of 30 different articulations commonly used by string players to perform orchestral repertoire. 1 There are many excellent online resources that describe the various articulations in-depth such as the String Pedagogy Notebook (https://stringtechnique.com/), violinmasterclass.com, and violinonline.com. The purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview of the 10 most basic and essential articulations used in beginning and intermediate string playing: pizzicato, detaché, collé, martelé, legato, slurs, hooked bows, and three foundational off-the-string strokes: brush stroke, spiccato, and sautillé. For more detailed descriptions and a more thorough list, explore the list of additional resources included at the end of the chapter.