Power scabies is a very annoying disease in management teams at all levels. The occurrence of the disease always has very negative effects on confidence. Power scabies is identified by the behaviour of individual members of management teams. Specific features of the disease include the following:

- The need to be honoured and to be treated in an exceptional way. The affected individuals do not wait for their turn, they desire to obtain extra perks and want to be first. They also demand undivided attention. If their wish is neglected, they will be annoyed and irritated, even enraged.

- Glorification or annulment. The patients so affected either immediately idolize or invalidate their discussion partner. They flatter, adore, admire and praise or instead, frown on, offend and humiliate the other. There are no forms of behaviour in between.

- The emphasis is on self. The power scabies patient boasts continually. The speech repeats me, myself, and I. At the same time the disease removes the ability to take an interest in others and their words. His/her behaviour tends towards the bored and ignorant, if the patient is not the centre of the discussion.

- An inability to empathise. The most obvious sign of power scabies is the lack of ability to accommodate the other person's position. Patients are constantly stuck in their own little world and they seek to justify their own experience and their being right in one way or another.

Care instructions in Appendix 2: 'Self care guide for management teams'