Sacred cow disease has its breeding ground in a management team whose greatest strength is that it has learned to live with its problems. This team is a kind of group of naked emperors, who have learned not to talk about their embarrassing lack of clothing. This type of conscious living in a common lie will have an effect at an unconscious level by paralysing trust and degenerating commitment. In the case of this disease, it is good to recall its cultural ties. It is well known that the cow is a sacred animal in India and it is treated as it deserves. Cows are allowed to pass and lie down anywhere, and it really seems that Indians do not even see them. The invisible things within a management team with sacred cow disease are visible to everybody else but the disease lulls us into believing that those things are not supposed to be seen. It is easy to come up with a list of sacred cows: abuse, lying, injustice, under-achievement, alcoholism, breach of promise, incompetence, inadequate qualification, etc.