The person who now presented himself, proved to be the especial friend of my rival. He had come with William to England, and had conceived, as was the case with all who had an opportunity of knowing the deceased, the strongest partiality and affection for him. William, as has already been related, had been carried a prisoner into Carthagena. As the Spaniards had at that time been influenced by the greatest jealousy of the English, who were said to have invaded the territories, and illicitly intruded themselves upon the commerce of their dominions in that part of the world, every / Englishman who arrived there was regarded with dislike, and was often treated with contumaciousness and barbarity. William had been exposed to the effects of this state of things. Though he was only an ordinary prisoner of war, he was carried up the country, and subjected to a sort of slavery, just as if he had been a partaker of the contraband trade. He at length escaped, and had travelled in various disguises, and through a thousand hardships, till he reached the French settlement of Cayenne. a Here, as every where, he found a friend. The colony of Cayenne was in a condition that had little to recommend it. William was therefore advised and assisted to remove himself to St Domingo. b The persons by whom this step had been recommended to him, took care at the same time to furnish him with introductions to some of the most considerable settlers in this opulent and flourishing / island. These introductions were of course from Frenchmen of consideration in Cayenne, to their countrymen in St Domingo.