Conversation is the brightest and most beautiful Part of Life; ’tis an Emblem of the Enjoyment of a future State; for suitable Society is a heavenly Life; 174 ’tis that Part of Life by which Mankind are not only distinguish’d from the inanimate World, but by which they are distinguish’d from one another. Perhaps I may be more particularly sensible of the Benefit and of the Pleasure of it, having been so effectually mortify’d with the Want of it: But as I take it to be one of the Peculiars of the rational Life, that Man is a conversible Creature; 175 so ’tis his most compleat Blessing in Life, to be blessed with suitable Persons about him to converse with. Bringing it down from Generals to Particulars, nothing can recommend a Man more, nothing renders him more agreeable, nothing can be a better Character to give of one Man to another, next to that of his being an honest and religious Man, than to say of him that he is very good Company.