This chapter investigates a style of sampling known as microsampling and is situated within two sub-genres of electronic dance music (EDM): microhouse and UK garage. It focuses on the practices of two producers who, instead of using sampling instruments to loop drum patterns from pre-existing recordings, design rhythms and melodies at the micro level by manipulating recorded sound from various sources. The term microsampling can be traced to the music and ideas of microhouse producer Marc Leclair (aka Akufen) and is also relevant to the music of Todd Edwards and its influence on the sound of UK garage. Using data from email interviews with Leclair and Edwards as well as secondary sources, this chapter sets out to define microsampling and examine the technologies used to make music with microsamples; for example, both Leclair and Edwards use hardware samplers and software samplers. This case study focuses on two users for whom the sampler is their main instrument and is an example of how the development and use of sampling instruments since the 1990s has shaped musical practices and creative possibilities around the digital manipulation of recorded sound.