This chapter sets out to examine the National Curriculum (NC) for PE (DfE 2014a) and its relevance to children with SEND. In addition to examining the purpose, aims, attainment targets and subject content, it will look at the principles of the statutory inclusion statement and the expectations that are placed on schools and teachers alike. The subject of PE will be analysed in relation to its structure, organisation, and delivery, and potential to link to wider sporting opportunities as part of an examination of ‘disability sports’ activities. The chapter concludes by highlighting a range of issues and themes that are emerging related to ensuring that PE teachers are sufficiently equipped to include children with SEND within mainstream settings. As with all the other chapters, and what can be seen as a central theme to this book, this chapter highlights the need for teachers to approach tasks with flexibility, high expectations of children with SEND and a willingness to engage in modification and adaptation as a crucial element in ensuring successful outcomes for the individuals concerned.