Areas A, X, Y and XR form a large proportion of the Middle Ward of Dryslwyn Castle, which was added to the existing Inner Ward in Phase 3a (Figures 1.3 and 5.1). Area A is located in the south-west corner and is characterised by a ridge of bedrock, which also extends under the neighbouring Gateway Area B and Area C. Its Phase 1 and 2 development has already been considered in Section 4.2 and will not be discussed further here. Areas X and Y together form the bulk of the north-west quarter of the Middle Ward. From Phase 3c, Area X contained a long rectangular building, referred to as Guest Hall X. Area Y saw the construction of two successive buildings, Buildings Ya and Yb, in Phases 3d and 4a. Area XR comprises a number of separate excavated and recorded features in the Middle Ward that were either above the surface or immediately below the turf (Figure 5.1).