As we launch into the production—or shooting—phase of our movie, we take stock of the safety measures that should be in place. In addition to the routine protocols of operating a safe set, we must have specialists lined up for any fights or stunts and have procedures in place in the event of an emergency. Production is a whirlwind. While in it, it’s important both to take care of ourselves and to maintain some perspective. We need to remember that our loved ones have their own lives and concerns quite apart from our all-consuming shoot. The stress of production inevitably leads to demands for concession and compromise, so it’s important to maintain a perspective that lets us adjust our plans without sacrificing our goals. We must also be able to separate the trivial and transient struggles and complaints with cast and crew from the crises that are consequential. Circumstances inevitably require adjustments to both the schedule and the budget during production, so we conclude this chapter by considering how to adjust the shooting schedule as we go and how to track our production costs in the midst of the shoot.