As the start date for a production approaches, it’s important to reserve a few days for last-minute considerations and fixes. This is also the time to gear up for the shoot. This means not only collecting rental equipment and other final supplies but also preparing the initial production paperwork. A key to supervising a production lies in committing many logistical concerns to paper—or at least to a digital form thereof. The daily production schedule and call sheets are two examples of essential documentation, both of which are explained in detail. During the production phase, a great deal of money gets spent in a short period of time. Having a reliable accounting system is therefore vitally important. Purchase orders provide a concrete and dependable system for monitoring and accounting for expenditures. The chapter concludes with a summary of considerations related to producing shoots at distant locations, including overseas destinations. In such cases, it is crucial to have a reliable contact on the ground who can execute tasks in advance of the cast and crew’s arrival. A number of procedures for getting gear and media storage safely through the transportation pipeline are discussed.