After the new China was founded in 1949. China experienced the central planning system for around 30 years, and since the reform and open door policy (market oriented system) started. China has promoted it for about 30 years. There is a proverb in China, saying 'Sanshinian Hedong. Sanshinian Hexi' ('east of the river for 30 years, and west of the river for the next 30 years'), which means that prosperity or decline, and victory or defeat, fortune changes with time. China employed the gradual way of transition for 30 years after 1978, i.e. from 1978 to 2007, and if it has been the 30 years of compensation, starting again from the ultra leftist way for the previous 30 years (from 1949 to 1978). in the new 30 years, which starts in 2008 China, will approach a new world. In this book, we are very much aware of such a situation and analyze the pattern of transition and development China has followed.