Chapter 2 focuses on the attributes associated with being a Superuser – what firm leaders look for when identifying people for their teams. Ten Superuser superpowers cover problem-solving and communication skills, including interpersonal and conversational skills, question-asking, thought leadership, storytelling, and the most-mentioned superpower, teachability, or a thirst for learning; not applying computational processes, but the habit and skill of thinking computationally, where repeatable tasks are identified, and in turn, automated. Other qualities of Superusers include a tendency toward entrepreneurialism, and their preference for contributing to something bigger. Finally, this chapter ends with intangibles – those hard-to-define qualities that all design technology specialists share, their employers recognize, value, and reward, including an ability to think in 3D, possessing an outward-focused personality, an inclination to teach others, drive, and ability to prioritize – and looks at Superusers as 5-tool players in architecture and as force multipliers in their firms.