About 62 drafts or copies o f letters by CEH: • 9/9/1828 letter from New York to Mr Cowell in Boston, concerning terms for performances by CEH and others there. • A series o f 1829 letters to Charles Kemble (then manager o f Co vent Garden Theatre), Sir George Smart and others, regarding CEH’s meeting with Kemble at Liverpool, CEH’s agreement to perform at Covent Garden for £10 per week for a short time until the theatre can afford to pay him £16 per week, CEH’s refusal to play a part he considered unsuitable, his being ‘forfeited’ £3/3/- for missing a rehearsal because he had been invited to perform at Frogmore (a royal residence in Windsor), his resignation from Covent Garden after three weeks, his agreement to repay the £28 he had received from the theatre, and the hardship that this has caused.