In 1625 Francis Bacon (1985) famously wrote ‘Reading makes us a full man; Conference a ready man; and Writing an exact man’. As a result of writing this book I have grown clearer and more precise in some areas relating to reflective practice than before and less clear in others. I have also learnt a great deal, reading and conferring with colleagues, as well as writing, to explore ideas and link them with practice. This learning has come about through having to be explicit about how I facilitate reflective practice groups and account for my approach, through reading relevant theory and empirical research to check facts and consolidate background thinking – sometimes to discover that certain aspects of the model required development in unforeseen ways and through coming up against all that I do not know about a large and hard-to-define subject. In this concluding chapter, I will summarise the main differences in how I think about and facilitate reflective practice groups now compared to when I started to write this book.