In 2009 the National Council of Teacher of English with the International Literacy Association established the Standards for Assessment of Reading and Writing. These are listed so teachers can be familiar with these standards and use them as their guide as they administer and use formal and informal assessments to drive their instruction. Discussed are individual and group standardized assessments. This chapter gives the conventions and directions on how to administer the following informal reading assessments: miscue analysis, retrospective miscue analysis, running records, cloze tests, maze tests, anecdotal records, checklists, rubrics, and portfolios. There are completed sample passages showing how to use the conventions for the miscue analysis, running record, cloze test, and maze test. Students’ interest surveys, attitude surveys, and self-perception scales are explained in the chapter with copies of the instruments in the Appendices that teachers can copy and use in their classroom. Websites and apps for literacy assessment are also listed.