The story of Lakeview grows out of my several visits to that site over a period of five years. 1 What you are about to read is true to the extent that I observed accurately and with a minimum of bias. Although acted out by the people in the district, the story which follows represents my interpretation entirely. The essential details are based on fact; the place, the players and the situation all existed. The only tampering with the truth occurs in the names and situations of the different players and the obscuring of the location so that the school cannot be identified. The sequence of the story has also been altered so that it flows in a way that is perhaps more understandable than if it had been related in the order in which I learned of it. For example, the description of the school before the arrival of the new staff was not revealed to me until near the end of my visits, partly because I did not probe for it and partly because, in the early stages, not enough trust had been established to allow for revelations of this nature.