In Chapter 13, the authors describe Social Analysis CLIP, an advanced PAR method to facilitate stakeholder analysis, and illustrate a vivid story of its use by the Katkari of India. The tool invites rigorous thinking with respect to existing power structures and relationships between key actors, beyond the simple listing of stakeholder categories and binary matrices introduced in Chapter 11. It explores the record of conflict and collaboration (C) among parties with different profiles based on three key factors of social life, those of legitimacy (L), interests (I) and power (P). A sociogram brings together the entire set of variables and supports discussions of strategic actions to empower, adjust goals, or put in place measures of cooperation and compromise to reduce conflict. The chapter closes with a commentary on a longstanding issue that tends to be downplayed in the stakeholder literature: the role of civil society and the state in managing stakeholder interests, towards the welfare of society as a whole.