This chapter endeavours to provide some insight to the dynamics of President Omer Hassan Al-Beshir’s character and the main issues influencing his decision making. It considers this subject on the basis of President Al-Beshir’s complete control of all areas of decision making at the domestic and international levels. These features are distinctive in President Al-Beshir’s character and pose questions related to values, such as integrity, prudence and honesty. It exposes some of these facets in his character from his public engagement in policy, rhetoric and knowledge of people around him and political observers. The president disrespect for institution is one of the main highlights of Al-Beshir’s mindset. The president does not exert tangible effort with the state institutions to provide sound judgement and consultation of the advantages, and disadvantage of different policies. This dimension prompted failures of epic proportion in the domestic and international spheres. It examines the impact of the ICC indictment and the post Al-Turabi context on his policy outlook. The two dimensions established new parameters in decision making in the state.