Marvin and Jennifer Johnson, an American-born black couple, met at a local college, where they both studied areas of social work and justice. They now have three healthy daughters, and Jennifer is pregnant again with a boy. They have just a bought a new house in the city where they can raise their growing family. Although they fought frequently before they married, Jennifer said, “It just feels like God has moved in our marriage.” Now they rarely argue. Jennifer believes female submission is essential to a successful marriage, and that women prioritizing work or school over family responsibilities are selfish. She said that black women in particular need to give up the role of the “power woman.” Jennifer runs a small business from their home and occasionally takes a substitute teaching shift, but Marvin is the primary breadwinner, working two jobs. While Jennifer extolled submission, Marvin spoke of their marriage as a partnership and said it is important for spouses to have an equal role in everything. Jennifer agreed that “we always end up coming together” on resolving problems and making decisions. Especially now that Jennifer is at the end of her pregnancy, Marvin cleans, does laundry, bathes the children, and goes shopping, and said he loves doing it. Marvin said, “I wouldn’t trade being married to Jennifer and raising a family together for anything in the world.”