In this chapter, we explore how coaching can be adapted to digital platforms, including video conferencing, telephone, live chat and email. Many techniques used face to face can also be used on digital platforms. Therefore, we focus on challenges specific to digital coaching.

Digital platforms should not replace face-to-face work but form part of a blended service, so that clients can choose the medium or blend of media that suits their needs.

There are clear advantages to digital delivery for both clients and coaches. Clients can access services from home, and coaches can work nationally and even internationally.

There are also some challenges and limitations. The digital coach will need to develop skills in building rapport, sometimes without the aid of nonverbal communication, using tone of voice, reflective skills, metacommunications and positive affirmations. We explore the use of metaphor to create a powerful emotional response and aid learning.

We also explore how to adapt the model for shorter, sharply focused sessions.