A lot of people didn’t leave by choice. A lot of people were forced, they had no other choice. They had to leave… if they relocate, they will have people come back because it’s our culture to be together. It’s instilled in us. We have family reunion, powwow, everybody comes back. It’s in our nature to be together. The core of those people who ran away from the French and settled there, they were together, close knit to stay together from the whole journey and settle there together. Our people are calling us back. I think it’s time we get back to our culture. And unfortunately it has to be a new place, but it could still be done. Alternate plans if relocation doesn’t work? You want the truth of Plan B? The cold, ugly truth? If we don’t relocate we lose our culture, we lose our, we lose the Island’s gone in the next hurricane or the next ten or fifteen years the Island’s going to be gone, people will be spread out all over…. You will no longer have a place for everybody to come back to.